Hormone blockers safe for transgender kids says new study

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Jazz appeared on ABC TV to talk about being transgender Jazz appeared on ABC TV to talk about being transgender

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — The use of hormone blockers, sometimes called puberty blockers, in transgender adolescents often times trigger heated debates from opponents of  medical intervention of transgender kids. They point to possible long-term harm to their bones and other undesirable side effects. A recent research study now indicates those concerns are unfounded.

A study conducted at the Leiden University Medical Center in The Netherlands found that hormone treatment does not harm adolescent bones, and ‘the treatment is effective and sufficiently safe to alleviate the stress of gender dysphoria,’ says Henriette Delemarre-van de Waal, MD,  who led the study.

Delemarre-van de Waal: “Reversible hormone treatment can relieve the psychological suffering of youth with gender dysphoria and allows the adolescent time to explore whether permanent hormone treatment and sex reassignment surgery is the best option.”


While some opponents…

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Weekly Recap #1

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 5.49.05 PM

This week was a roller-coaster for me personally, but also the news these days has been intense.

Joan Rivers passed away, which was quite controversial as many people had different opinions on her intense nature.

Personally, I don’t find this news worthy of some of my research skills. Was she a great person or was she really quite terrible? While this debate certainly says a lot about media and society, I have papers to write and sleep to be had. The only thing that happened this week that I actually want to talk about is how one of my mangers at work thought Betty White died!

Clearly, she didn’t.
Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 4.33.07 PM

Betty White headline on CNN.

Thank goodness as she’s the only famous person over the age of 80 that anyone actually cares about.

You know what I wished the news covered more? Everything that is going on with Gaza, as I can’t figure out exactly what is happening for the life of me.

If I ever figure it out, I will be sure to let you know!

How about you? What kind of news did you wish got more coverage? Let me know in the comments below!



Dry Makeup? Just Add Alcohol! But Be Warned!

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 5.50.13 PM

A few ago while researching how to make my own eyeshadow (which I realized would be a bit expensive to startoff) I came across some interesting information.

There were so many odd tricks to “rejuvenate” makeup past its original life. While some of these seemed dangerous or not worth the effort, there was one that my 1AM brain found all-too-appealing…

How To Do It

If you’re anything like me, you will be impatient and up at 1AM and have limited resources. 

First problem I had was I didn’t think I had 70% Isopropyl alcohol. However, the bottle we had, was exactly 70%!

Next, I didn’t have a tiny dripper or plastic wrap. How did I overcome this? Simple.

I made a huge fucking mess!

A very accurate photo for not being an actual photo.

A very accurate photo for not being an actual photo.

But it gets better. The first item to spruce up, was my cream eyeliner that I used to love but had been too dry lately for me to use without redoing my eyeliner 10 times! So, I drip a few drips into my black creamy abyss and all was well. I got some on my hands but I wasn’t overly concerned.

Well I  should have been.

The alcohol made it spread to where my hands were solid black. But I still wasn’t concerned. Until I tried to wash off a spot on the counter. Note, that my eyeliner wasn’t the easiest to get off my eyelids, but never had been a problem on a hard surface!

Needless to explain further that I spend the next 30 minutes washing my hands with the following:

Soap, dry scalp shampoo, Tresemme shampoo, witch hazel, a loofa (for scrubbing), and the one thing that worked: VO5 shampoo.

What did I do afterwards? Tried again and again and none of the eyeshadows caused as big of a problem.
Thank goodness!

Any weird beauty tips you’ve tried or that you think I should try? I’m up for anything as I have put raw eggs in my hair before just to find out I’m actually allergic to raw eggs on contact! Let me know below!




Feline Photo Friday #1


My sister's/Reynaa's cat of 6 years. So cute! Her name is "Sweetie Pie".

My sister’s/Reynaa’s cat of 6 years. So cute! Her name is “Sweetie Pie”.

Today I chased two cats around the house before deciding to go with ol’ trusty Sweetie Pie as my first Feline Photo Friday! She is a moody, maturing cat with feather-like fur. She does not get along well with other cats and enjoys having her own space with her mom! She particularly hates my cat, Apollo. The feeling is mutual! All tiger-striped cats seem a bit crazy and the fact that she is also a female creates a real double-whammy! I, personally, have never met a female cat that wasn’t somewhat bitchier than male cats! Here’s some info on Sweetie’ straight from the horse’s cat’s mouth!

Sweetie’s Favorite Hobbies:

-Glaring with disgust at her minions (the other cats)

-Snuggley-time with mom!

-Chowin’ on some grub.

Sweetie’s Dislikes:

-Being without my mom when she’s busy and not home.

-An empty food dish.

-Being awakened by her roommate, Sebastian’s, cries.

Sweetie’s Résumé (she suggested I put this into her short biography)


Lived in a cockroach apartment.

-Helped keep my mom calm during the “invasion”.

-Experience with mouse play, string catching, and purring.

-I scared the cockroaches away after a month. 


Repecho Drive Apartments

-Duties included: living with one male and one female cat and practicing evacuation drills every-time the door was opened.

-Promoted in 2010 to Cat Leader. Duties included: Punishing the minions, waking up my mom for work, directing evacuation drills.


Lived in Los Angeles Apartment

-Managed to survive with 2 ferrets, 2 lovebirds, 2 rats, and fluctuating amounts of mice.

-See above and read again!


Moved to Sacramento House

-I am currently a personal assistance to my mom and only work part time.

I hope to retire soon!

Do your cat’s ever demand you to write up their resume? Let me know in the comments below!


Today, While in the Shower… Throwback Thursday #1!

Today while in the shScreen Shot 2014-09-04 at 7.38.09 PMower I found a great question for the internet. Why does hot water sometimes feel cold? I turn in my shower and start some music. While we’ve only lived in this house for a few months, I feel comfortable with getting the shower temperature just right without actually checking. As I step into the shower, I actively avoid the water at first. I freeze; why the hell am I worried that the water will feel cold? I step closer and let the water hit me. So cold! It feels cold for about ten seconds. Why is this?

Well I can tell you I am not insane! Not for this reason, anyway. 

According to Mental Floss (my favorite go-to site for odd info) this momentary sensory confusion happens to everyone. Neurologists term this confusion as either the paradoxical cold or the paradoxical warmth and the only variable between different people is the amount of time these last. What causes this moments? Well, our hands have sensory receptors that send signals to the brain to help us understand what we’re touching. Some receptors receive sensations of cold (cold spots) and others receive warmth (warm spots).¹ 

Apparently my body isn’t just an insane-freakazoid. Phew!

Also, if it wasn’t apparent, this is a throwback Thursday because I have always wondered why this feeling occurs.

Read the article¹


Just Frustrated

I just want to take some form of a writing class. Yet it seems impossible.

I can’t even handle the frustration right now to allow me to vent here. I want an outlet or independence. I can only do so much to get these things. I don’t feel like myself these days. I am not used to having a resting rage at all times. It takes a toll on my thought processing.

I need to work on letting go.


Maybe I will fell less frustrated.

Grasping at Straws

I have been trying to find a solution that’s not applicable to the question. I was debating changing my major.


But I realized my problem had nothing to do with my major. My problem was my lack of freedom; emotional and physical. Every change I make is me trying to reclaim myself.

The cause you ask?

Daddy issues.

I need to be independent and I will do anything to get there.


While my summer has proven to be shockingly eventful, I have found time to almost complete the entire series that is Californication.
All this insanely addictive show has done for me is make me want, need, to write. I find solace in words somehow but at the same time I feel that reading is ultimately a way to escape real life and in that respect it is not something I want to indulge myself in. Unless, of course, I choose to read as a way to pass time on a train. Other than that situation, it appears to be nothing more than a waste.
I like to think this is why I sound better in song lyrics. Short. Sweet. Inspiring. And it gets you to move and the majority of the time it isn’t an all-consuming experience. People use music as background inspiration. They don’t touch and flip pages, they don’t watch the music note from note on a page. The don’t smell the book (or perhaps the nook).
And yet what few books I have run away to were emotionally draining in the best possible ways.
I’m not sure if this inner conflict will ever resolve itself. It’s just that image I have of that English teacher trying to preach to all the English majors and nonmajors of how amazing books and writing are. All because they let you live time and time again.
It pissed me off so much that I changed my major. Again.
You’re not living in books, you’re escaping. At the very most they are inspiring you to stop fucking reading books and find your own story worth telling.
Well shit.
I think I’ve found my answer and alas, I have another question…
Is it wrong/illogical to greatly enjoy writing but for the most part hate reading?
I’ve always heard writers need to read read read. No commas. No breaths.
But maybe they’ve got it wrong.
Or maybe I am insane and an increasingly terrible writer.

Perhaps I can remind myself of all the high school teachers who were frustrated with me and my intelligence and my lack of participation.
I was called a sponge from time to time. As I never did anything but listen and absorb.

But in my defense, if you saw what some of those participants said, it was just frustrating.

As someone who has always wanted to be a teacher, for as long as I can remember, I would be bored in class and play out various scenarios in my head.
These scenarios were of two main varieties:
First, me predicting a student’s question due to the teacher’s lack of clarity, lack of pronunciation, lack of specifics, or due to the student fiddling with their pen or sneezing, or most likely- just having terrible listening skills.
Second, were class discussions. I wasn’t too good at predicting the teacher’s initial question, but from there I could predict what someone, not a specific student as I really didn’t care, would respond with. Then I would see a counter-argument by another student. Then I could hear the first student’s response to him/her. Then I could hear the teacher intervene and say they both make good points, or whatever.

I’m not saying I was bored because I was some kind of literary genius, I’m saying I was bored because I had spent most of my days in a classroom understanding both the student’s and teacher’s perspectives and was so bored with the dynamic and lack of any real development.

Most of my English classes were so frustrating because I didn’t care about allegories or understanding what some song lyrics by Modest Mouse were about.

I’m not too great at getting the deeper meaning of certain kinds of writing.
I suck at Bible references as I have never read more than a tiny bit of it. The bits I have read were for school. I didn’t know the story of Adam and Eve until I was 14.

I guess more than anything, I feel like some literary devices need to be left in a quiet slumber. Left to leave us in a unclear awe as we focus on the key elements and the big picture of books and shows like Californication. Those little bits are great and maybe some people become great writers by dissecting art, but it just sounds scientific and all too insignificant to any author whose work was being broken down and exposed in a half-hazard manner.

All I know is Californication is a stunning show and inspires me.

I doubt there’s much else I really need to extract from my emotions towards it.

Neca shows off new Mogwai @ San Diego Comic Con 2014

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NECA has an incredible booth at SDCC ’14, and while Gremlins Online isn’t there, our friends at figures.com have their hands full getting the poor souls of the internet all the pictures they can handle.
Check out their site for some exciting new Mogwai based on the early prototypes. Doesn’t look like any Gremlins Series 3, but there are still hundreds of incredible shots of  many many more figures, such as the long-awaited Ripley figures from both Alien and Aliens! (Maybe we will get a Vriess figure someday…one can dream….)

There are more photos of the prototype mogwai on their site, so head on over and take a peek. 


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