Trying to decide if I like this…

While following the yellow brick road
I stubbed my toe
And black dynamite explored my surroundings

The light turns green

Every ghost of mine has a shadow
It trails behind

So you run for life
Need something to cover your skin
You’re flying but you’re scared of heights
You’ve got no chance
There’s no fight left
You try on some changes
See dissapearing faces

You’re driving through
The street named “Years Ago”

Oh what would you see?
If you were back in town

You drive one through that shadow
Whispers in your ear “I am never letting go”
“I know”

—I am really unsure of what I want to do with this. Maybe let my mom look at it! She knows everything!
Oh, and I could easily live the rest of my life without ever hearing the word “college” again!


What do you think?

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