MAC Vs. PC Ads…

I am a sucker for these ads. I watched this one on youtube twice!

But despite all the ad excitement I am experiencing right now, I have a lot of pictures and projects and just so much I hope to put up here before the break is over (Nov. 31st). I am fighting a cold so I am not at my best, not at all.

Oh, and yesterday my e-mail account was kind of hacked. It sent this e-mail out to everyone in my contacts and in it it had a link to a google page for viagra… No one has e-mailed me back about it, but I sent e-mails out explaining what happened and changed my password. So that was weird.

Here’s a little something more…

I hate it when convenience stores
Lose convenience
Honesty loses truth
I hate it most
When you use that logic
It makes me sick

Can’t I trust
in that you’ll trust me?
You’re thinking
“hate is so damn easy”
I’m so desperate for your safety…

But don’t lie
It wounds my pride
Yes, every time


What do you think?

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