Bands Lost in ’09 (or at least changed)


#1 Go: Audio

This band was one I found out about this year, and they broke up. One of their best videos.

#2 Armor For Sleep
I couldn’t pick which video to put up here, the first one is one of their songs I really liked. Helped me out a lot too.

This one is my favorite video of theirs.

#3 My American Heart
This was a real bummer and I also put another song of theirs that’s been in my head lately! I’m hoping to see them at the Epicenter at their last show. I really hope I can go!

This song really rocks too!

#4 Cute Is What We Aim For

It really took me a long time to decide if I like them, and every now and again I don’t. This is the first video I ever saw of theirs, and the line “jealousy is the cousin of greed” made me check the band out.

#5 Panic! At The Disco
I freaking hated this band for the two years that they were “popular”, but after my brother happily discarded their CD to my sister, and she played it over and over at her house- I heard their whole album. I still didn’t really like it. But eventually the CD came my way, and I listened to it again, and then I liked it. My brother and sister no longer like them, of course! I do not really value the music in their first CD, but the lyrics were refreshing at the time. Their newest album has a lot more value musically and the lyrics were just as good.

If you doubt their awesomeness here’s a video where the lead singer hits a really freakin high note, so at the very least know he can sing!

#6 Fall Out Boy
Their lyrics are amazing, right up there with Say Anything. Oh, I mean WERE amazing. This was the first song that came to mind. It sounds like me. So here you go!

So that sucks huh?
All the people who died this year, it’s just ridiculous!
There’s not a lot of good that happened this year. Not with anything. I can’t think of one good thing to say about 2009!
Thank monkeys it is over real soon!

Hoping you make it to 2010!



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