Pry Going to Start a Journal on Here, & Change People’s Names. No One Reads This Anyway.

I won’t put anything up here that I do not want someone to see, so it’s all good. Might not start it until tomorrow. Or next year, I don’t know. Maybe now.

Today’s been harsh, for lack of a better word. Everything is fading away, or so it seems at the moment. There’s no great anecdote from today. It was just bad. As bad, maybe a little better, as yesterday. I relaxed quite a bit. I got more time by myself, which is all I seem to want lately. I just hate this month it’s always been hard time for me. The seasons are clashing, with sunshine one second, and a damn downpour the next. I am not a fan of Spring. My mom’s Birthday is Friday- I’m actually going to make her a cake this year (I actually believe it might turn out okay, cakes just hate me). I am better at cookies. Well, not really. Not anymore at least, or maybe, it’s been a while. I do not enjoy making food most of the time. I try and get everything perfect. Like when I crack eggs, I always put the eggs in a cup before I put it in the bowl and make sure there is no eggshell. When I frosted the cake I was thinking how much frosting most people like on their cake, I like a lot less than most, and I had to go over it a billion times. But that’s not really perfectionist behavoir. Not to me at least.

How’d I manage to ramble about nothing? Oh, wait, I do that all the time! I just hate wasting time and energy. I have nothing good to say. Nothing. No wonder old friends of mine used to call me a pessimist. To them I’d say you do not know how hard it is to try and act positive. I swear it can kill. Do not try it.

Pessimists UNITE!!!!!
Maybe I should go to bed now.

11:27 PM


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