My Life

I apparently wrote this for my history class back in January, and now we have to do a “My Life” section again. I took a look at this and I wish I could just use the same one. Nothing has really changed since January. What can I say, my life is simple!

There’s never really much going on in my life. Not anything tangible anyway. My life does not include sports, a job, or even going to church. What activities I do are ones that are done last minute and thought of at the spur of the moment. Makes it interesting. It includes lots of projects that are left undone and abandoned.

But anyway, school this year has been interesting so far. That’s all, not much else going on there. Home. Home’s been fine. I am in my room a lot though. People who read, write, draw, and make videos, tend to do a lot alone. It works.

The other activity I have is playing guitar. Definitely glad I learned how to play. It’s been fun- that’s all that I can put about that.

As far as failures this school year, there’s nothing I’d label as a failure. While certain things were left undone, others were more important. I am glad I trusted my own decisions. If only I could do everything.
On the other side, I have successfully been pretty unsuccessful. I’ve maintained everything I already had, just lack any improvement, but I have seen a lot of people moving backwards- falling grades worsening attitudes.

Success does not matter to me, at least most of the time it doesn’t. We cannot hope for a happy result from everything we do, I just try to enjoy the outcome and make something out of it. “Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed”- Corita Kent.


What do you think?

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