My Life… History Assignment From This Semester!

Senior year is finally wrapping up! I just finished up the AP for English Literature. Senior exhibitions are coming up; it’ll be nice to get that over with. Once I graduate, I am taking a course at the Art Institute San Diego for audio production, it is a four day course; and I am looking forward to it. Sometime over the summer my parents are going to move to La Mesa, and I am likely to move in with my sisters when they move this summer as well. I am going to San Diego State in the fall and I’m sure that will be very, well- interesting.
My mom’s Birthday just passed by on April 30th, I made her a cake and my sisters brought Italian food over so my mom wouldn’t have to cook. It was really nice. Lately my mom has been working, so my dad and I have had to cook at times. My dad, well, I’ve never met someone who has liked his cooking. It’s not terrible; it just doesn’t have a lot of taste to it. I also hate everything I cook.
On a less important note, there are two concerts coming up this summer. If you haven’t been to some kind of concert in your life, then there’s certainly something missing from you life. I must admit, rock concerts have- just- a certain ambiance that is unparalleled. Maybe it’s just how energetic it all seems; and how positive. Everyone has so much energy, and it feels like a dream the whole time. It’s something worth being addicted to- I really can’t explain it very well. I could go on, but I won’t.
That’s all that is going on with me, I’m hoping all my friends graduate, and that they make solid plans for their futures. I wish them the best no matter what happens. A lot of things have been rocky lately, but hopefully the storm is over. Being optimistic is fun. Well it’s particularly funny when you really don’t think that way, and you’re just trying to be positive.

—-So yeah, that’s it. I’ve got less than 3 weeks before my high school career is over. Awesome. Senior exhibitions are Thursday, and mine is at 2:15! I was hoping to go first! 😦 I’ve got so much work to do right now, I swear I am developing ADD. Wish me luck imaginary people!!!


Also wrote to goals that I had for this assignment… I wrote to spend more time with my cat, and jeez he died 3 months later. Maybe it was me??? Smotheirng him with love, haha.
Goal #1
My current goal is to focus on my health a lot more. I keep getting sick, and having a lot of problems with basic things. I do stupid things, I am young after all. But even so, I need to learn how to take care of myself now, before things start to catch up with me. I know once I move in with my sisters I will eat better. They both can cook and my one sister is a diabetic and my other is a vegan. So they are both really healthy. I can only hope that I will learn how to cook good healthy food from them. I can’t actually plan much out with this, at least not at the moment. But for now I am eating less meat and trying to cook more. I will also make an effort to exercise more, and that will be easier to do as summer approaches. Maybe I will spend more time with my cat for my own and his well being. He is getting old and he needs more love. My friend just recently lost her dog that spent a week and a half being very sick after an incident occurred that I do not know the full details of.
Goal #2

Another goal I have right now is to write a song on guitar. It’s been a few months since I last finished one, and I want this one to have two guitar parts. I’ve learned how to record my songs and I’ve gotten pretty good at mixing them. I just have not had a lot of time. I’m sure I will have a few written at least by the end of May. Recorded and mixed, I’m not so sure. Either way it is progress.

That’s it now! ^_^


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