The Bucket List and this Roadtrip Guide I found…

Three Little Birds covered by Brendon Urie
Gerard Way has said before that people’s greatest fear is living, so we all could use a little motivation to get a move on, right?
I’ve been pondering over this for a while and managed to make one of my friends to right a bucket list. Hers were funny mainly. I still have it somewhere. I’ve just decided I will post mine here. I can add to it as time goes on and oh! I will check off anything I’ve completed- if I remember. I will make a new post if I update it as well.
My Bucket List

1. See snow
2. Make a snow angel
3. Snow fight (Got snow on the brain)
4. Go on a Roadtrip
5. Ride a horse
6. Watch the sun rise
7. Ride in a hot air balloon
8. Go on an airplane (eek!)
9. Go to another country (Australia, England, Ireland. ETC.)
10. Go to a wedding (not mine)
11. Stay out all night
12. Move out
13. Adopt a kid
14. Buy a house
15. Publish a book
16. Break something expensive
17. Buy my mom a puppy
18. Cook a meal for more than 10 people
19. Stay friends with someone for over 10 years
20. Get a stranger to listen to a song I wrote
21. See Bad Religion LIVE
22. Learn to drive

That’s all I’ve got right now. I know I want SOMETHING out of life.

Now, about the roadtrip Guide. It’s not mine, but it’s super amazing.
I got it from a story on Mibba, and here’s the link to the writer’s profile:
(you pry need a Mibba account to access it though)

What do you think?

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