As my first week of college ends here on this nice Thursday, I must be honest and say I’m pretty unimpressed. Atending a four year college such as San Diego State University, I was really expecting a challenging experience. But all the students around me seem to have no light in their eyes. Everything feels so lackluster. So gray.
To be frank, I wasn’t expecting much out of SDSU; but I was expecting to befriend a few people, and to have something to do on my weekend. I tried as best as I could to get there. But just like everything that comes into my life, I don’t really fit.
I’m always the one who has to bend.
But really, what was I expecting, going to a University that I hated with a passion for years?
I let myself have hope, and I was so stupid.

Maybe it’ll get better, or I will just look at school as a job, just something I have to do. Something I have to do that requires me to act nice to people who are mean to me.

I’m just hoping right now that my classes will push me into some type of awe inspiring moment, that well give me that “AHA!” I know what to major in, or what to spend my life on.

I feel zapped anymore- like I’ve tried to be, or tried to experience so many different things that I can’t see how I will ever have that “aha” moment.

Agh, I’m just rambling, school pry won’t be too bad. Unless I get sick and die during some lecture…

Eh, whatever.


This entry was posted in 2010.

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