Not Everything is Magic…

Stupid Angels and Airwaves in my mind. Things have been bad lately. Maybe I need to come up with some magic wand, and use it to lighten everyone up! If we could look outside ourselves for ten minutes a day, life would be so much better. Everything is getting old. Lately, I’ve been focusing more on myself, with college being a place where I know no-one, I had to. I still don’t know anyone. It seems that people are becoming even more self-absorbed and it’s rubbing off on me. Whenever I do something I really try to think of how other people will respond to my actions.

I’m starting to believe that all my failed friendships have made me search for my own faults so much that I am so aware of everyone else’s. That I can’t help but notice how little people think about others, with their actions. I mean the simple things people do, like getting a glass of water, most of the time I will ask someone if they need anything from the kitchen. While some people I know don’t even think to offer drinks when you were invited over. Simple stuff like that happening again and again gets noticed by me.

I guess when friendships end for other people, they do not believe that it was their fault, so they don’t ask what they did wrong. Maybe that’s it.

Who the hell knows?
Well on a good note, I have one class tomorrow, in 9 and a half hours, (I need to go to sleep soon) then it is the start of my weekend.

I have nothing planned.
Almost everything I did over the summer was something I planned. Maybe if I sleep all weekend and do my work I will feel a little better.

But I know I’d be happier with a little hmmmmm, I will say “hooch”. Like Sum41’s song. Haha.

-This song is better than Everything’s Magic. At the moment at least.

LOL April Out Loud abbreviated… if I spelt that right is AOL!!!! How funny. That cheered me up. That’s kind of sad…
Oh well.


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