Writing A Lot of Papers For College… Posting Good Ones!

So yeah, going to start posting essays that I write, so I can delete them!
I have also been thinking of only mainly using tumblr to blog. It lets me post audio, and I actually follow a few people on there. I just haven’t had time to figure out how to use it.
So eventually…
I’m currently working on a lot of stuff. Writing music, doing a few videos, and writing this story for my music…
That’s all hard to explain though.
Also looking into doing some Documentaries.
I also have so much school work to do. Last week I wrote 7 papers, for 5 classes. One of which I didn’t write anything for. So for 4 classes.

Tonight I am bouncing between work and relazing time. But mainly working on studying for my tests on Monday…

So anyway here’s an essay. The very first paper I ever wrote for SDSU. Okay how weird. I just got another idea for a story… Well anyway!

I wanted to upload I video here, but I forgot I can’t do that. Can I on tumblr? If so. Forget this blog!

Duality of Writing

All forms of art allow people to escape reality while expressing themselves. Writing is very freeing. There are so many different ways to write. Some music has a melody and a harmonizing part; and some have multiple melodic lines. Writing as well can have one main idea (the melody) and a harmonizing part (specific evidence, or details) or it can have several related main ideas (or several melodic lines). Furthermore, writing and music have rules; but those rules are there just to be broken.
While the many options that a writer has to choose from when they begin writing is beautiful; it can cause paralysis. It is this idea that causes for us, as writers to re-write and edit our work. I guess true beauties are worth the time.

The greatest experience I’ve had with my own writing- was my senior year English class. The teacher emphasized that sometimes how something is said is just as important as what’s said. He challenged the class to try and write like the authors we love. I’m sure classes at SDSU will be similar.

San Diego State was the most logical choice for me to further my education; I’ve lived here all my life.


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