Follow It (Your Bliss)

No matter who you are or where you’re from, it can communicate with everyone. Sharing any part of it with another person, and having similar “taste” gives you an amazing feeling of a really strong connection. By liking any particular piece of it, you’re relating to a complete stranger- a stranger that you welcomed into your home.

It can also change what you are thinking of. They can envoke thoughts about anything. It often presents people with flashbacks, and experiencing something that matters to you in the present and in the past- that’s beautiful. It’s like your family- they were in your past, their in your present, and most likely your future. The time will come when you’ll realize that one “it” is it. It is the one thing that has always been with you- even if you were oblivious to it until then.

The analogy of a family to “it” fits the “it” description even better. Some kids do not have their family- therefore, they are searching for one. And once that search begins, the search for “it” will likely follow- kind of a “kill two birds with one stone” sort of thing.

To clarify further, if you are looking for your wallet and your keys, are you really going to look for each seperately? Well, maybe, but once you’ve found one of them it’ll seem easier to find the other. You’re more fimiliar with the place your searching for your wallet and keys.

Finding “it” is the hardest part. Doing whatever it is, is practically natural, but the more love that is felt, the harder following through with it will be. That nagging possibility of failure and waste. I love the quote

follow your bliss

doing that is just so crucial to happiness and fufilment.
Not giving up on the search, is where many people falter. They find something that’s “good enough” and settle. I’d imagine how horrible that must feel. To settle. Finding “it” is like most things, the least you can do is try. After all, what do we have to lose?

More importantly, ask yourself, once you feel something is your “it” a simple question:
Is anything else I could ever do, worth the fear that comes with losing it?
I mean, if you’re going to be scared and worried trying to do somthing you love, make sure it scares you more than anything else. Otherwise it’s not good enough.



What do you think?

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