Last Essay I Wrote in High School… (On the Education System)

We Are All Pawns, We Are All Sheep, We Are All Born Dead

    Respect. What does it mean? It’s something different to each individual- a student, parent, teacher, or administrator. The definition of it at its simplest is what everyone has come to understand. The dictionary definition is to feel or show deferential regard for; esteem. We, as Americans, have our own definition. A way of thinking we were born into. A way of thinking that effects what we do, where we do it, and who we choose to do it with. Our campus, our opportunities, our relationships are all our choice. The choice is ours, but will we benefit, or just sit paralyzed by options?

    We, as a school, do not take care of our campus. The bathrooms get vandalized- trash is left strewn everywhere. The lunch carts almost always have a big hoard of people surrounding it- an actual line barely visible. But at my middle school the ladies would stop serving us if we weren’t in line. The majority of students do not care about the school or its reputation, which is shown through Point Loma’s low API scores and people’s disregard for the rules. The administration cares more about the school than the students; they have people remove graffiti, they have drug dogs come on campus, and encourage students to do well in the API test by offering an extended lunch. The school exists because of the students, but it’s not taken care of by us, but by the same people who have to educate us. The majority of students do not take the time to appreciate how everyone is being required by the government to baby-sit us. What a shame.
    Most students don’t respect what opportunities they have at Point Loma. If I hadn’t moved before high school I would have gone to Castle Park High- which is where my brother and sister went. I didn’t go there because my parents wanted me to go to a “good” public school. After being here for 4 years, a big part of me wishes I went somewhere else. At least from an academic standpoint. The social growth I’ve made here has been invaluable. With a school like ours, the experience one gets depends on their personal motivation and what they make out of what they’ve been given.

    The relationships between students and faculty that I’ve seen in the past four years have been rocky. This school’s full of love-hate relationships- either student-teacher, student-counselor, or student-student- most of these lack respect. All of us have felt disrespected before. Student or faculty member. We know it’s an issue. Yet we all try and find a scapegoat- just so we don’t blame ourselves. What’s truly aggravating is how no one’s trying to fix it. We- as students are supposed to automatically give our respect to “authority figures” but it’s rarely reciprocated. But I guess no one’s to blame. Who can blame faculty? They are required to work with, and help so many people- how many of those people are honestly courteous and thankful. Well, it’s not everyone. And we’ve all got to agree a full day of not being appreciated can certainly wear someone down.

    But the rules set in place because of this bad relationship- have frustrated students. Not only this, but I’ve seen teachers limit simple things, whenever people do something rude or annoying. It doesn’t help; the only change it makes is that now the student is angered as well as the teacher.

    A major issue with classes is that many are filled with busy work assignments. These assignments are used because it’s easy to have a whole classroom, perhaps one that is overcrowded do some worksheet with vocabulary and some questions that can be found in a book. Having a few of these is understandable, perhaps when there is a substitute, this is the best way to have a worthwhile class. But beyond that it’s a futile attempt to drill facts into people’s heads. These facts seem meaningless, because the students are not engaged or being given examples, or given time to discuss what they’re learning.
    Despite the varying thoughts behind what respect means; society in general lacks it. Point Loma represents a good majority of public schools that require each student to be self- motivated; and it’s an example where few are.

    So yeah, that’s it. Right now I am trying to make more space on my computer. I’m uploading files like this to google docs. I need enough room to finish my final by Tusday, part of it is a video… and that is why I need so much space.

    So yeah, that’s it!



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