Starting to Type Up Some Old Papers, and Don’t Want to Risk My Computer Crashing and Losing All the Work!

Over Inspired

Over inspired. He’s got you outnumbered. Pacing through those winding clocks. He finds out that time won’t stop. So he stops and sees this spark and never turns around again. And now he’s running. Finally silence ensues then there’s a wave of color.

Tampering with the smudging lines he’s got no one left to go to. We all let him march on, careful to see any missteps. We aid him to be courageous, we tell him times are changing. He clearly can’t see me, he’s not even blinking. Well what is he aiming for? He’s trudging his way away from all the gloom he knew. And yet there’s the end, his aim still steady, we see the water, we see the sunrise, we see the cliff. We see him getting closer to the edge. We fall quiet. No one’s longer excited. Before I take another breathe there’s nothing left. And there is no crash, there is no cry, just our dramatic laughs. At least he was determined is all I say. We require too much anyway.

I will add more later. 😀
Yay… aha.


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