Yes… it has been forever dear blog no one reads…

It’s been almost seven months! I hardly recognize wordpress anymore! However, tonight, the same day as my last day of classes this semester, I really wanted to try and write. Didn’t matter what. I needed somewhere to do it that wouldn’t steal more space away form my computer. Hopefully, if everything goes as planned out in my head, I will post a lot more on here in order to have this diary-esque thing. Writing can and does relive stress for me, and I have really come to realize this after spending an entire semester without a writing class. There is no part of me that thinks I can actually write, even decently well, but I frankly do not give a fuck. I don’t live/do anything only for others. I can enjoy things I am very terrible at.

Anyway, I hope to update this with more random ramblings soon!



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