Trying Again

I am trying again to really blog on here. The MTV show “Awkward.” has inspired me to give it another go. If my life was a bit more active I would be more willing to update here. I guess I just don’t get inspired by my own life. So how am I supposed to write about it? Things are stagnant. I want change so badly but everything I do fails to get off the ground. I don’t want to use this blog just to complain, yet I doubt there’s a better time to really write out something like this. And it just works out this way. 


As I continue to debate my words at the moment, I can’t help but wonder how others (such as Jenna’s blog on “Awkward.”) blog about their friends and these big things that always seem to happen. My life is just really stuck. So I read and watch T.V. I listen to music I first heard years ago as if at 21 I already need to be reminded of who I am. 


I guess I will just keep trying, again.


What do you think?

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