One More Restart (Hopefully)

I must keep coming back here for some reason, even if I have to struggle each time to remember my password. I want to stay in bed and take more and more naps.

I’m finally getting this story put together that I’ve been developing for forever, however I got sick and just starting to feel better. But regardless, I want to write everyday if I can help it. As I am currently looking for a job and still on vacation from school, I should have time. (Pfft, yeah right).

I’ve been slowly getting out of my own head… which is great.

Except for when I am trying to write and stay inside my own head.

Such is my brain.

This blog can’t be organized. It’s attempting to mimic the clear parts of my brain. Why the heck would that be organized?

I don’t like the way heck sounds. Icky. How am I ever going to write stream of consciousness? It seems darn-right nutty!

Well now it sounds quite fitting…


Also, I’ve decided to find art/photos that mimic my 3 main characters as to help me develop who they are:


This one represents Shane… because…


it’s not quite what it seems.!

This one represents Sally because…


she’s a writer and it represents the struggle she has sometimes with expressing everything around here. This picture represents her more at the end of the story, since at the start she is very bored by the world and has no trouble expressing that. Whereas this picture shows being inspired but lacking the ideas to express it. (Not put too eloquently, I know)

The next one, I just found minutes ago:


While the picture is something that came up in my tumblr dashboard, it was too perfect for Sarah. The fact that it’s one of those sewey-things gives it a grandmotherly/motherly quality. It’s pretty, it requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. Also the picture itself is romantic.



What do you think?

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