Some Advice I’m Listing

Advice You Never Knew You Needed

1. Keep a list somewhere of things people can buy you as presents. Don’t let anyone know you have it. But you’ll find it is more helpful than most other lists you make.

2. Learn the difference between you’re and your, but don’t correct those who don’t, unless they ask for your help proofreading.

3. Always find one super famous actor, musician, movie, and book that are super popular that you can love. It’ll be easier to have something to mention when trying to talk to someone you’ve just met.

4. Avoid revenge. It doesn’t look cute and most people don’t learn from it. The only exception is mild revenge that has a better chance of working and helping everyone involved. Like a pesky in-law that there’s zero chance of having them go. Consult as many people as possible before ever seeking revenge. Revenge is never good. Don’t try to rationalize it. So many people have done terrible things with good intentions. If you can live with it and it seems worth doing just do it already.

5. Don’t have regrets. Enjoy where your life is in this moment. Regrets are the past. You should learn from it and get the fuck out of there. Don’t waste energy on the past or future. You are now and that’s plenty for you.

6. Love like a fool and break like glass. Don’t let heartache make you anything you aren’t. You are foolish and trusting and the world needs people like you. Just keep going.

7. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Stop acting like it is.

8. Start every morning you can by asking what you can do better today. It may sound self-absorbed but the you will change the world around you more than you ever would have thought possible every day.

9. Don’t take a day off from #8. You’ll regret it. If you still choose to and you do regret it, please re-read #5.

10. You are allowed to cut people out of your life. Don’t feel bad for being hard on people who actually deserve it. Just make sure they really in fact deserve it.

11. Insult and be hard on people in the nicest most heart-felt way. They will feel even worse. And more importantly, you aren’t being an asshole.

12. People aren’t inherently good. Don’t believe that. However, act like they are, but know better.

13. Question stuff everyone does, especially yourself, even if you don’t feel you have the time.

14. Take risks. It’s too big of a risk not too, after all.


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