Dry Makeup? Just Add Alcohol! But Be Warned!

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 5.50.13 PM

A few ago while researching how to make my own eyeshadow (which I realized would be a bit expensive to startoff) I came across some interesting information.

There were so many odd tricks to “rejuvenate” makeup past its original life. While some of these seemed dangerous or not worth the effort, there was one that my 1AM brain found all-too-appealing…

How To Do It

If you’re anything like me, you will be impatient and up at 1AM and have limited resources. 

First problem I had was I didn’t think I had 70% Isopropyl alcohol. However, the bottle we had, was exactly 70%!

Next, I didn’t have a tiny dripper or plastic wrap. How did I overcome this? Simple.

I made a huge fucking mess!

A very accurate photo for not being an actual photo.

A very accurate photo for not being an actual photo.

But it gets better. The first item to spruce up, was my cream eyeliner that I used to love but had been too dry lately for me to use without redoing my eyeliner 10 times! So, I drip a few drips into my black creamy abyss and all was well. I got some on my hands but I wasn’t overly concerned.

Well I  should have been.

The alcohol made it spread to where my hands were solid black. But I still wasn’t concerned. Until I tried to wash off a spot on the counter. Note, that my eyeliner wasn’t the easiest to get off my eyelids, but never had been a problem on a hard surface!

Needless to explain further that I spend the next 30 minutes washing my hands with the following:

Soap, dry scalp shampoo, Tresemme shampoo, witch hazel, a loofa (for scrubbing), and the one thing that worked: VO5 shampoo.

What did I do afterwards? Tried again and again and none of the eyeshadows caused as big of a problem.
Thank goodness!

Any weird beauty tips you’ve tried or that you think I should try? I’m up for anything as I have put raw eggs in my hair before just to find out I’m actually allergic to raw eggs on contact! Let me know below!





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