One Great Achievement

I was wondering if I had the gusto/patience/nihilistic tendencies to I asked my father:

If I could achieve something great, like the Nobel Peace Prize, curing a disease, climbing Mt. Everest, or something just remarkable, what would you want me to do?

Or what the hell would I want to do? I feel like if I had some bigger-than-life dream I could see everything else as only mildly impossible outcomes and not as big daunting tasks that I could never do. As if I need perspective. Do I?

If some magical creature broke into my bedroom from the ground underneath and told me I could achieve some great feat guaranteed through some kind of magical destiny, what would I want to do?

480x326xbukowski-grave-e1361771067336.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.m7TMj4tYeaWell, I woke up today to an email about Charles Bukowski, my favorite author, and how he had the words “Don’t Try” on his gravestone. The email suggested that whatever it is you can’t stop yourself from doing, is your talent. It is the thing you “don’t try” to do but have to. 

I guess that’s just bouncing around in my head today.

So of course I look into his gravestone’s words and their significance. After, I decided what those two words meant to me.

In an interview (article here) with Lidna Bukowski, his wife, she clarified, “Because if you’re spending your time trying something, you’re not doing it…”DON’T TRY.”

This letter came up with the gravestone search and it now hold another favorite Bukowski quote of mine:

“Classes? Classes are for asses.” 5184593894_52347ef759_o


What do you think?

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