A few weeks back I looked up a bunch of emotions in both French and Spanish. Emotions that I was feeling at that moment. I keep feeling, in summation, INADEQUATE.

With everything. So, as I always do, I tried to  think of a way to be okay with it. So I looked up words like “dejected” and “fear” along with a few song lyrics and wrote them down. The “x’s” are ones currently on my wall.

Don't I have glorious handwriting?

Don’t I have glorious handwriting?

Each time I feel overwhelmed, I write one of the words on my dark blue wall in chalk. I just wrote “abatido” (which means dejected) a few minutes ago.

I am trying to figure things out. I’m just so thankful for the odd moments I get from time to time. Like when Jewel comes on my ipod and I hear a song I’ve never heard.

And the first few lines make me laugh at 4am.

“If you love somebody

You better let it out

Don’t hold it back

While you’re trying to figure it out”- Jewel “Satisfied

And I really think I’m starting to feel satisfied.


What do you think?

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