Sorry for Being Dramatic

I’m constantly going to be scared of losing you again

Because I left you before I could lose you the first time

Then I did lose a part of you

And I thought that was fine

Until I thought I could have it back

Because no matter how much I don’t want to want that part of you

I’m scared I won’t stop

Because I thought I already had but I hadn’t

So now I just keep taking all of it out on you

And then I get scared of losing you all over again

But it’s even worse because it would be all of you

And it would all be because of me

Everything leads me to losing you

And all I want is whatever makes you better off

But I can’t just ask you

Cause then you’d know just how wrong everything is

And it would all be my fault again

This is what I mean every time I say

Sorry for Being Dramatic


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