100 Dollars a Day Project Day #1

Why 100 dollars?

Goals: Have 7,000 by mid-December (Three months or so of expenses plus starting cash)

I am moving to LA come January after graduation. Woot!

CURRENT DEBT: 4,129 + 7000 = 11,129

Current Employment: Unemployed

Day One:

Today I turned my coins into Coinstar, obviously, this is not me gaining 100 dollars but it is money I did not account for until this project. Most days this project aims to EARN money and not just “find” it.

So how much cash did I earn get from Coinstar?

$114.26 !!!!!!!



My e-gift card


Now the interesting thing about this is, I chose to get an Amazon.com gift card. This saves me $12 in fees. So now I will order three Taco Bell gift cards and one Burger King gift card for when I buy fast food for my dad. He gives me cash, I use my card and VIOLA. Done!

Got any suggestions on  how to make $100 in a day? Please let me know 


Twitter: @apeycatty


Please Note:

This project aims to be applicable to everyone, however, since I really just need to do this myself, certain small amounts of money will come from weird sources like change my family gives me for doing errands, turning in my change like the first day, and other possibilities. Good luck!


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