100 Dollars a Day Project Day #2

 Goal: Have 7,000 by mid-December (Three months or so of expenses plus starting cash) I am moving to LA come January after graduation. Woot!

CURRENT DEBT: 4,129 + 7000 = 11,129

Current Employment: Unemployed and trying so hard to change that!

Day Two:


When it comes down to it, maybe I don’t need to have my N64 games since I haven’t had a N64 in four years (my brother “lost” it).

So I sold them:

First I sold some at DKOldies

List if you’re interested : (Mario Party, Banjo Kazooie, Pokemon Stadium, Super Mario 64, and Resident Evil 2)

Then I sold some at The Old School Game Vault

List if you’re interested (Wrestlemania 2000, 1080 snowboarding *$1.08*, JetForce Gemini *1.05*, Zelda Ocarinia of Time gold *14.09*, a controller, and a memory card


The grand total is $126.00 but I will pay for shipping for one box. However, it will somehow be reimbursed and I’ll update this post with how that process goes.


Got any suggestions on  how to make $100 in a day? Please let me know
eriously I have no ideas for tomorrow… 😥


Twitter: @apeycatty


Please Note:

This project aims to be applicable to everyone, however, since I just really need to do this myself, certain small amounts of money will come from weird sources like change my family gives me for doing errands, turning in my change like the first day, and other possibilities. Good luck!


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