Weekly Recap #1

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This week was a roller-coaster for me personally, but also the news these days has been intense.

Joan Rivers passed away, which was quite controversial as many people had different opinions on her intense nature.

Personally, I don’t find this news worthy of some of my research skills. Was she a great person or was she really quite terrible? While this debate certainly says a lot about media and society, I have papers to write and sleep to be had. The only thing that happened this week that I actually want to talk about is how one of my mangers at work thought Betty White died!

Clearly, she didn’t.
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Betty White headline on CNN.

Thank goodness as she’s the only famous person over the age of 80 that anyone actually cares about.

You know what I wished the news covered more? Everything that is going on with Gaza, as I can’t figure out exactly what is happening for the life of me.

If I ever figure it out, I will be sure to let you know!

How about you? What kind of news did you wish got more coverage? Let me know in the comments below!




Paradise Hotel

Just got back from seeing this play with my sister at San Diego State’s Don Powell theatre. After having gone to SDSU’s film festival in September and seeing what little importance most of the films put on good acting, I was worried that the theatre actors would fail to impress.
I was pleasantly surprised.
There are far too many things to discuss about the play- the well-planned set design or the acting of the entire cast, for example, were both divine.
The synopsis of the play online is a tad confusing, and lacks a good expression of the essence of the play.

Allow me to give it a go:
Benoit Pinglet, a married man of 10 years to Madame Pinglet, sets of on a rendezvous with Marcelle Paillardin- an unhappy housewife who recieves no attention from her husband Henri. The two decide to go to The Paradise Hotel, a typical shabby hotel where surely no one will notice them. Of course they don’t know that Henri, an architect, is to go to the Paradise Hotel that same night to inspect the hotel. But more comedic choas is needed, so the Pinglet’s maid brings Henri’s bookworm nephew

“Chaos ensues when Henri’s bookish nephew Maxime, Pinglet’s maid Victoire, his friend Mathieu with his four daughters in tow and ghosts in the drainpipes all turn up at the same hotel on the same night. Pinglet and Marcelle must scramble to cover their tracks and the fun begins. This mad bedroom frolic becomes delightfully ridiculous in this fast-paced comedy.”

Okay that was way to hard so I stopped.
It was great, give it a chance!