Feline Photo Friday #1

My sister's/Reynaa's cat of 6 years. So cute! Her name is

My sister’s/Reynaa’s cat of 6 years. So cute! Her name is “Sweetie Pie”.

Today I chased two cats around the house before deciding to go with ol’ trusty Sweetie Pie as my first Feline Photo Friday! She is a moody, maturing cat with feather-like fur. She does not get along well with other cats and enjoys having her own space with her mom! She particularly hates my cat, Apollo. The feeling is mutual! All tiger-striped cats seem a bit crazy and the fact that she is also a female creates a real double-whammy! I, personally, have never met a female cat that wasn’t somewhat bitchier than male cats! Here’s some info on Sweetie’ straight from the horse’s cat’s mouth!

Sweetie’s Favorite Hobbies:

-Glaring with disgust at her minions (the other cats)

-Snuggle-time with mom!

-Chowin’ on some grub.

Sweetie’s Dislikes:

-Being without my mom when she’s busy and not home.

-An empty food dish.

-Being awakened by her roommate, Sebastian’s, cries.

Sweetie’s Résumé (she suggested I put this into her short biography)


Lived in a cockroach apartment

-Helped keep my mom calm during the “invasion”

-Experience with mouse play, string catching, and purring

-I scared the cockroaches away after a month


Repecho Drive Apartments

-Duties included: living with one male and one female cat and practicing evacuation drills every-time the door was opened

-Promoted in 2010 to Cat Leader. Duties included: Punishing the minions, waking up my mom for work, directing evacuation drills


Lived in Los Angeles Apartment

-Managed to survive with 2 ferrets, 2 lovebirds, 2 rats, and fluctuating amounts of mice.

-See above and read again


Moved to Sacramento House

-I am currently a personal assistant to my mom and only work part time.

-I hope to retire soon

Do your cat’s ever demand you to write up their resume? Let me know in the comments below!