Today, While in the Shower… Throwback Thursday #1!

Today while in the shScreen Shot 2014-09-04 at 7.38.09 PMower I found a great question for the internet. Why does hot water sometimes feel cold? I turn in my shower and start some music. While we’ve only lived in this house for a few months, I feel comfortable with getting the shower temperature just right without actually checking. As I step into the shower, I actively avoid the water at first. I freeze; why the hell am I worried that the water will feel cold? I step closer and let the water hit me. So cold! It feels cold for about ten seconds. Why is this?

Well I can tell you I am not insane! Not for this reason, anyway. 

According to Mental Floss (my favorite go-to site for odd info) this momentary sensory confusion happens to everyone. Neurologists term this confusion as either the paradoxical cold or the paradoxical warmth and the only variable between different people is the amount of time these last. What causes this moments? Well, our hands have sensory receptors that send signals to the brain to help us understand what we’re touching. Some receptors receive sensations of cold (cold spots) and others receive warmth (warm spots).¹ 

Apparently my body isn’t just an insane-freakazoid. Phew!

Also, if it wasn’t apparent, this is a throwback Thursday because I have always wondered why this feeling occurs.

Read the article¹